Introducing Elmwood

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Elmwood Cemetery opened in 1872. Its beautiful grounds were designed by renowned landscape architect George Kessler, the creator of Kansas City’s famed parks and boulevard system. Elmwood encompasses 43 acres in the heart of Kansas City and is the final resting place for over 36,000 souls from all walks of life, including many of Kansas City’s founders.

Our Mission

The mission of the Elmwood Cemetery Society is simple:  to perpetuate the life stories of all who have chosen Elmwood as their final resting place, while maintaining a place of dignity and respect where their loved ones will find comfort in visiting, time and time again.

Current Projects

Here at Elmwood Cemetery, we are always  undertaking several projects to improve our cemetery, both in terms of functionality and aesthetic. Our current projects include efforts to repair and restore the beautiful Armour Chapel, as well as efforts to transfer our cemetery records to a digital format.

Community Involvement

As a 501(C)(13) non-for-profit organization, volunteer support and donations are always needed and appreciated. For ways to become involved in the cemetery and its efforts, please contact us! We’ll be happy to help you in any way we can!

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For information on how to get involved in the Elmwood Community, please contact us! We’d love for you to join our community and efforts to maintain our cemetery!

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